Memcached is an object caching platform, which is used to supercharge the load speed of database-driven websites by caching the queries and the responses between the website visitor and the server. Put simply, anytime a particular page on such a site is visited, the script queries its database to get the info that should be shown to the visitor. In case the latter clicks a link to open some other web page, the whole process is repeated and this leads to a lot of database requests and excessive server load, especially if the website has a lot of simultaneous visitors. Memcached "memorizes" this exchange of information, so in case any of these pages is requested again, the script no longer needs to call any information from the database, as everything is delivered by the Memcached platform. In this way, the overall speed of your website will increase and you will enjoy more pleased visitors and they will be able to surf through your site faster. At the same time, Memcached "refreshes" its cache whenever any content in the database is updated, so the site visitors will never see outdated data.

Memcached in Cloud Hosting

Memcached is offered as an upgrade with each cloud hosting package offered by us and in case you wish to use it for any script-based site that you host on our avant-garde cloud platform, you will be able to order it in a couple of easy steps via your Hepsia hosting Control Panel. In the meantime, you’ll be offered the option to upgrade two different features – the instances and the memory. The first one has to do with the number of the websites that can use the Memcached distributed memory object caching system at the same time, so if you need it for several sites, you can get a number of instances. The second one has to do with the total amount of memory that Memcached will be allowed to use to cache info, so for multiple websites (or for one large-size site), you should order more memory for better performance. The memory comes in increments of 16 megabytes and more memory can be added at any time. With Memcached, each script-based site hosted on our servers will load extra-fast.